The Issues

Julie Raque Adams believes Frankfort needs to learn the basics!

Spend Less and Fix the Budget

Frankfort is broken. Most career legislators see it as their job to go to Frankfort and find new ways to spend your money.  Taxpayers pay their legislators year after year, but get no real solutions in return. And this year, we didn’t even have a budget. Legislators cost taxpayers even more money when they go into a special session. This is our money, and it should not be spent to line the pockets of people who aren’t doing their jobs.

  • Julie believes that if you don’t pass a budget, then you don’t get paid!
  • Julie believes that any budget passed must be fiscally sound and not increase our debt load!
  • Julie believes that Frankfort needs to spend less!

Tax Less and Abolish the State Income Tax

Julie supports a comprehensive tax reform strategy that includes abolishing the state income tax. Other states have done it, and Kentucky can too! In order to promote real economic growth, Kentucky needs bold ideas to compete with surrounding states.

  • Abolish the state income tax as part of real tax reform
  • Bring bold ideas into the debate on how to keep taxes low and economic activity high
  • Work to reduce costs and fees so that taxpayers can keep more of their hard-earned money

Julie Raque Adams will make sure Frankfort’s policies are encouraging job growth – not preventing it! Julie will send the message that Kentucky is open for business!

Tax Breaks for Kentucky Business

Kentucky should be taking the lead in offering tax breaks to companies who start-up, expand or hire new employees. Julie supports comprehensive tax reform that would energize new business growth and expansion. We need to get Kentuckians back to work and earning a paycheck!

Free Business from Regulation

Kentucky’s businesses are crippled by the burdensome regulations Frankfort imposes. Julie supports creating a bipartisan panel to discuss, determine and eliminate any business regulations that are no longer relevant to growth and opportunity. We need to get Kentucky moving again!

Commitment to Education

Education is the key to our prosperity and the most important component to any job creation strategy. A skilled workforce is essential for economic growth, improved quality of life, and securing our children’s future. Julie supports getting aggressive in looking at new ideas and best practices for teacher and student accountability, always with an emphasis on high achievement.